Community Builders: A Fun Guide to Understanding the Role of Community Managers in the Video Game Industry

Are you a gamer who loves connecting with other players and building a community? Meet the community builders of the video game industry: Community Managers. These experts are the ones who create and cultivate a community around a game, making sure that players are engaged, informed and happy.

But what exactly do Community Managers do? Think of them as the social directors of the video game industry. They’re the ones who create and manage the social media accounts, forums, and websites where the community can gather and interact. They’re the ones who organize events and contests to keep the community engaged and entertained.

They also act as the liaison between the players and the game development team. They’re like the ambassadors of the video game world, representing the company and the game to the community, and bringing the players’ feedback and suggestions to the development team.

But it’s not all about posting updates and answering questions. Community Managers also have a sense of humour, and they often slip in Easter eggs and jokes into the content they create. For example, one Community Manager created a social media campaign where players could submit memes about the game, and the funniest one would win a prize. And in another game, a Community Manager organized a virtual cosplay contest where players could show off their costumes and win in-game items.

So next time you’re playing a video game and enjoying the community, remember to thank the Community Manager. Without them, your game might not have the same lively and entertaining community that you have now.

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