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Dive in Jobs is a dedicated video game recruitment agency based in Scotland, recognised for its potential in the thriving Scottish video game industry. We understand the challenges of navigating the creative nature and fluid business models of the industry. Nevertheless, the growth of established studios and the emergence of new start-ups make the future bright for the Scottish video game industry.

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Dive in Jobs is a leading video game recruitment agency in Scotland, providing a comprehensive range of services to help clients find the best candidates for their video game industry jobs. Our services include video game talent acquisition, video game staffing, executive search, and more. As a dedicated video game recruiter in Scotland, we have a deep understanding of the industry’s complexity and provide our clients with a competitive edge through our expertise in finding top talent. Whether you’re looking for game designers, game artists, game programmers, game testers, or other gaming industry jobs, Dive in Jobs has the knowledge and resources to help you find the best candidates.


When it comes to video game industry jobs, Edinburgh may come to mind first as the birthplace of Grand Theft Auto developed by Rockstar Games. Recently, AAA studios like Epic Games and Build A Rocket Boy have also opened in the city. Glasgow, on the other hand, is known for its innovative and experimental gaming studios. These cities offer a variety of job opportunities for game designers, game artists, game programmers, game testers, game writers, and other gaming industry jobs. However, recruiters can also tap into the talent pool in other cities in Scotland, such as Dundee. The city is famous for its ties to Minecraft, developed by 4J Studios, and its pride, Abertay University, a leading games school in Europe. Dundee continues to attract the best young talent from around the world to study and work in the Scottish video game industry. By promoting video game jobs in Dundee and other locations outside of Edinburgh and Glasgow, recruiters can help start-ups thrive and diversify the Scottish video game industry.

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Dive in Jobs is one of the few dedicated recruiters in the Scottish games industry, providing recruiters with the expertise and resources they need to find the best talent for video game industry jobs. If your company or client needs help filling roles or finding candidate jobs, Dive in Jobs can help. With a focus on video game recruitment, video game staffing, and video game talent acquisition, Dive in Jobs can give you a competitive edge in the industry. Contact Dive in Jobs today to learn more about how they can help you succeed in the Scottish video game industry.

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