The Growing Gaming Industry in Scotland

Scotland’s gaming industry is a rapidly growing sector that is attracting both local and international talent. The country is home to a range of studios, from small indie developers to large corporations. Here are some of the companies available to work in in the game industry in Scotland:

Rockstar North

Based in Edinburgh, Rockstar North is the creator of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The studio employs hundreds of people and is a major player in the Scottish gaming industry.

4J Studios

Located in Dundee, 4J Studios is best known for its work on Minecraft. The studio has also worked on other popular titles, such as Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Console Edition.

Ninja Kiwi

Based in Dundee, Ninja Kiwi is the creator of the popular Bloons Tower Defense series. The studio also develops other mobile and web-based games.

Outplay Entertainment

Based in Dundee, Outplay Entertainment creates mobile games such as Castle Creeps and Mystery Match.


Headquartered in Edinburgh, Codeplay develops software for artificial intelligence, graphics processing units, and other areas of computer technology. The company’s clients include some of the biggest names in the tech industry.

Ruffian Games

Located in Dundee, Ruffian Games develops games such as Crackdown 2 and Fragmental.


Based in Edinburgh, Skymoons creates mobile games such as Journey of Light and Guardians of Fantasy.

Puny Astronaut

Based in Dundee, Puny Astronaut creates engaging and fun multiplayer games such as Skye and Boomerang Fu.

Outsource Technical

Located in Glasgow, Outsource Technical offers technical services to the video game industry, such as quality assurance, localization, and testing.

Robot Gentleman

Based in Poznań, Poland, Robot Gentleman has a Scottish studio in Edinburgh, where they develop games with a focus on storytelling, such as 60 Seconds! and 60 Parsecs!


Based in Edinburgh, DeltaDNA provides data analytics and player insights to the video game industry, helping companies make informed decisions about game design and monetization.

Team Junkfish

Located in Dundee, Team Junkfish develops horror games such as Monstrum and the upcoming sequel Monstrum 2.

The Chinese Room

Based in Brighton with a studio in Edinburgh, The Chinese Room creates emotionally impactful and immersive narrative-driven games, such as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Dear Esther.


Located in Edinburgh, Cloudgine creates technology that powers cloud-based gaming experiences, such as Crackdown 3.

Red Kite Games

Based in Glasgow, Red Kite Games provides development services to companies and also creates their own games, such as the strategy game, Game of Thrones: Conquest.

Axis Animation

Located in Glasgow, Axis Animation is an animation and visual effects studio that creates content for video games, film, and television, with clients including 343 Industries, Warner Bros. and Square Enix.

Digital Sports Arena

Based in Edinburgh, Digital Sports Arena provides esports tournament and broadcast services, working with brands and organizations to create high-quality esports events.

Hyper Luminal Games

Located in Glasgow, Hyper Luminal Games develops immersive and engaging games such as Big Crown: Showdown and Postwar Dreams.

Tag Games

Located in Dundee, Tag Games creates mobile games such as Might and Magic: Chess Royale and Angry Birds Action!

Stormcloud Games

Based in Stirling, Stormcloud Games develops games such as The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance and Rogues Like Us.

Code Clan

Located in Edinburgh, Code Clan offers training in software development, including game development, to help people get started in the tech industry.

Job Opportunities

These companies offer a variety of job roles for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the games industry. Some common roles include game developers, game designers, game artists, and game programmers. These roles require a range of skills and experience, but many companies offer training and support to help individuals develop their skills and progress in their careers.

Gaming Community

The games industry in Scotland is also connected to the wider gaming community, with a range of events and opportunities for networking and collaboration. There are regular gaming events and festivals held across the country, such as the Edinburgh International Games Festival, which brings together industry professionals, gamers, and enthusiasts to celebrate the latest developments in gaming technology and culture.

Esports Industry

The esports industry is also growing rapidly in Scotland, with a number of companies providing esports tournament and broadcast services, such as Digital Sports Arena. This provides opportunities for gamers and gaming professionals to get involved in this exciting and dynamic sector.

Career Growth Potential

Overall, the games industry in Scotland offers a range of job opportunities and career growth potential for those interested in pursuing a career in gaming. With a growing number of companies and a thriving gaming community, Scotland is a great place to start or progress your career in this exciting and dynamic industry.

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